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Family Wealth Management

About Atlas Brown

We are a comprehensive Wealth Management firm serving the needs of high net worth families, business owners and institutions. Whether your objective is to grow your wealth or protect your wealth, we have the ability to design custom investment solutions utilizing both traditional and non-traditional investments that meet your needs.


We understand that no two clients are the same. We take the time to truly listen to your needs, understanding that your circumstances, financial goals, and future opportunities are complex, unique, and evolving. We also understand that in today’s environment, we must approach your needs with creativity and ingenuity and seek to design an investment solution that best meets your objectives. By utilizing both Traditional and Non-traditional investment we craft an investment plan that can achieve you and your family’s financial goals.

Traditional Investment Approach

At Atlas Brown, you will receive our best ideas, strategies and investment opportunities. We apply institutional-quality techniques to a multidisciplinary investment approach – including using multiple asset classes and styles, outside managers, and individual securities to create and manage a customized financial foundation for your family. Our disciplined portfolio management strategies, combined with tactical family office solutions, help us manage all aspects of your family’s wealth.

Non-Traditional Investment Approach

We feel is more important than ever to seek diversified return streams that compliment traditional investment solutions. Because of this belief, we have focused on finding alternative investment managers that offer unique and sophisticated strategies that provide investors with extremely attractive risk adjusted returns. While the managers and strategies are as diverse as the offerings in traditional investments, they all hold common characteristics that can be distilled into the following statement:

Investments that provide consistent non-correlated absolute returns through the distribution of income in strategies that we can understand

Strategies range from venture lending, solar infrastructure, longevity assets, music royalties, tax liens, private credit to name just a few. While not all the strategies may fit your particular needs we feel that everyone can benefit from considering non-traditional strategies in their overall portfolio.

Family Office Services

Investment Advisory and Management Services
Personalizing objective investment strategies to preserve and grow wealth.

  • Wealth preservation strategies
  • Opportunistic asset growth
  • Risk management

Legacy planning
Building a relationship with your family to develop and execute the strategies that will promote your lasting legacy.

  • Philanthropic strategies
  • Foundation planning
  • Gifting strategies

Family governance
Ensuring your family traditions and values are instilled upon future generations.

  • Family meetings
  • Multi-generational financial education
  • Family mission statement development

Collaboration with key advisors
Working with other trusted professionals to coordinate complex wealth management issues.

  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning, trusts and gifting

Lifestyle management
Accommodating your requests in a manner that earns your trust and confidence.

  • Budgeting, banking, and bill paying
  • Concierge services
  • Household management
  • Property management


Quarterly Commentaries

Archived commentaries available here.

About Tim

Tim Corley

Tim Corley

Senior Vice President / Senior Portfolio Manager

Mr. Corley joined Atlas Brown in October, 2004 after spending 6 years with Hilliard Lyons Asset Management. In his current role as Senior Portfolio Manager, Mr. Corley is responsible for portfolio construction, overall asset allocation, and individual security selection. In addition, Mr. Corley has developed expertise in the alternative investment space. Previously at Hilliard Lyons Asset Management, Mr. Corley was an equity research analyst for the Hilliard Lyons Large Cap Value and Large Cap Growth portfolio, with a concentration in the Technology, Industrial, and Media & Entertainment sectors. Mr. Corley graduated from Indiana University in 2002 with a BS in Finance and obtained an MBA from Indiana University in 2014.


Tim Corley
Atlas Brown Wealth Management
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