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Wealth Management

Providing disciplined wealth management solutions.

Multidisciplinary Investment Management

Implementing a long-term, high-quality investment philosophy is crucial to building and preserving asset value. Your portfolio will integrate your current investments with selectively blended traditional and alternative strategies along with world-class, third party managers. Our longer-term view of the investment cycle is one where we employ multiple asset classes and styles, both domestic and foreign, traditional and otherwise, often referred to as a multidisciplinary approach.

Every Atlas Brown investment account is tailored to meet the growth, income, tax, and capital preservation needs of our clients. Investments are managed by your portfolio management team or selectively engaged third-party portfolio managers.

We may utilize a variety of non-traditional asset classes as well.  Our research has shown that select and deliberate use of commodities, such as minerals, natural resources, and real estate, along with carefully identified opportunities within both the private equity and hedge fund sectors offer diversified exposures to growth sectors of their respective markets.

Our ability to blend a multitude of styles, along with their respective risk and reward characteristics is another aspect of the Atlas Brown approach.  So while the value of a multidisciplinary portfolio will vary over time, volatility is less extreme than any single investment style creating opportunity for steady, long-term growth.